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How to Sculpt Your Own Fairy Doll Head

If you are thinking about making your own fairy doll and creating your own head by sculpting it you will discover that the face is probably one of the hardest structure there is on the human body to sculpt, however if you have patience and take plenty of time to do it, you can end up creating a wonderful fairy doll head for your own fairy doll.

Here are the materials that you will need in order to make a fairy doll head:

  • A small plastic human skull (to use for studying the bones of the head)
  • 1-2 ounces of your favorite Polymer Clay
  • A needle tool
  • X-Acto craft knife
  • Wire loop tool
  • Small spatula tools
  • Small filbert brush to use for blending
  • Thick bamboo skewer or a lollipop stick
  • Foil
  • Paper tape, floral tape or masking tape

First off, make sure that the clay you are working with is a firm clay and not a mushy type because it will be harder to sculpt with and the firmer clay also doesn't pick up as much dirt while you are sculpting.

Take the bamboo skewer or lollipop stick and take some foil and make the foil into a ball and put it on the end of the stick. You will be making a skull shape that is more rounded at the back with flat sides and a tapered front. This foil skull should be around 2/3 the size of the finished fairy doll head that you will be sculpting.

Take the tape and wrap it around the foil skull, this will give the clay something it can stick to, make sure to go down the neck in order to secure the head onto your stick.

Now you will make a dent into the face about half way between the top and the bottom of the head. You can use tool handles to do this step and lay the tool across the face and press in on it. Make sure the dent is rather deep around 1/8 of the depth of the entire face.

Take some clay and make a pancake of it and cover your head beginning at the front. Make sure all of the air bubbles are out. Any air bubbles that are trapped will wiggle around and make it it harder to sculpt and often if left in the clay they will expand during baking and break the clay.

Now make another clay pancake for the back of the head and make sure that is smooth all over. Once you have done this take the blade of your craft knife and divide the fairy doll face up. Begin with drawing a line across that horizontal dent in the front from left to right. This indicates the line of the eyes, it should be halfway between the top of the doll head and the chin. Vertically make a line that divides the face in half. Put small vertical lines to note center of each eye, then a horizontal line where the nose goes and one for where the mouth will go.

Next make a thick pancake of the clay and it will fit between the chin and the mouth lines and place it there. Blend it in slightly to the left, right and down but don't go up toward the nose area. Now make an oval clay piece and put that above the last piece of play you placed on the face. You will blend this piece left, right and up but not down for this piece.

Now you should see a gash where you did not blend the two pancake pieces together. This is what will become the mouth. You will need to make a round dent under the bottom lip to give it some shape and fullness. You will need to press up at an angle for the top lip giving it a shape like Cupid's bow. Use a spatula tool to help you with the top lip and use any round tool handle for your bottom lip. The next thing to do is to draw the philtrum with a ball stylus. Put a small ball of clay on the center of the face. This will be your nose. You will need to smooth the nose out in all four directions away from the center of the face making sure it is steepest at the sides and the top.

Take a round tool, a large ball stylus is good or even the end of your little finger to indent where the eye sockets need to be. Make sure you allow for a mound between the sockets for the bridge of the nose is suppose to be. Smooth out the edges that are around the eye sockets so you have a very gentle indentation and not a large pit for eyes.

Now add a very small ball of clay to the end of your nose and smooth it into the doll face and then use a stylus and draw in the wings of the nose and then lightly press in the nostrils. Using the stylus again, make a tiny dent for each corner of the mouth. Be gentle with the nose and mouth corners.

Once you have done all of this and before going any further make sure to check the profile of your doll head and check how the nose looks to see if you need to adjust the nose in any way. Also check the chin to see if it's too long or too short. This is when you should make any adjustments.

Take a needle tool or small ball stylus and use it to make four points to mark the outside and inside corners of each eye. Then use the same tool to connect all the points with lines. Make sure left matches right, take your time and don't worry about being perfect your first time.

Next you will need to draw a line that goes over the top of the doll head from ear to ear. This is going to help you line up the ears. You may also want to draw two lines that go across the back of the head that are even with the mouth and the corner of the eyes to help you line up your ears. Now roll up a little sausage of clay and put it on one side of the head. Blend the little piece of clay into the head toward the doll face. Take a ball stylus to make swirls and cavities inside of the ear. You will then do the same thing with the other side of the head.

The final thing you will do is smooth out the whole head making sure there are no fingerprints or tool marks left on the fairy doll head and then bake it. Once baked the finishing touches with color and hair is all up to you and your imagination.

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