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Some of the Top Games for the iPod Touch

If you are looking for some good games for the iPod Touch look no further. Here are a few of the most popular games according to fans of the iPod Touch. They are a few years old but remain popular even today for a lot of different people and age groups.

Doodle Jump – This is a game where the player needs to guide the “Doodler” by using the tilt controls that are present while on a spring journey. Along the way the player picks up jet packs by springing up onto a sheet of paper, and blasting the “baddies” with help from nose balls and avoiding black holes.

Zombie Smash – Zombie games just don't seem to want to go away and this one is considered a survival comedy for the iPod Touch. It features a castle theme of the undead and it is quite entertaining for players. It is also considered a physics type game and offers all kinds of different scenarios for defending the castle with plenty of humorous scenes and is considered among one of the top games for iPod Touch by some.

Skee-Ball – Everyone loves a game of Skee-Ball so why not have one for the iPod Touch. Here the player rolls the ball up the ramp with the help of a little flick and then make the ball move into one of the numbered holes just like the real deal to collect tickets to be able to unlock different table achievements.

Guerrilla Bob – This is a very fast action shooter game for those who love shooting games. The game has a nice variety of options for weapons and has really top quality visuals in the game. It has nice visual effects, good controls and great graphics. It also has a multi player plot.

Bejeweled 2 – This game is offered by PopCap games and it has a variety of different versions. Most people have played the game before and if they love it, they may find this to be one of the best game apps for iPod Touch ever. The graphics are great and can be played in both landscape and portrait modes.

Plants vs Zombies – Yep another zombie game where the player can use cherry bombs, walnuts, peashooters and a lot of other items to weaken and slow down the zombies. There are 26 different kinds of zombies in this game and the idea is to slow them down, confuse and mulchify them before they get to your front door and take over.

Rolando 3 – This is a nice fantasy game that has Rolando trying to save the Kingdom of Rolando as he ventures through the tropics trying to find the fabled “golden orchid” that is what he needs to help cure and save his people from the “royal plague”.

There are tons of different games that can be found for the iPod Touch but these are a few of the more popular ones that gamers have been enjoying for several years now.

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How to Sculpt Your Own Fairy Doll Head

If you are thinking about making your own fairy doll and creating your own head by sculpting it you will discover that the face is probably one of the hardest structure there is on the human body to sculpt, however if you have patience and take plenty of time to do it, you can end up creating a wonderful fairy doll head for your own fairy doll.

Here are the materials that you will need in order to make a fairy doll head:
  • A small plastic human skull (to use for studying the bones of the head)
  • 1-2 ounces of your favorite Polymer Clay
  • A needle tool
  • X-Acto craft knife
  • Wire loop tool
  • Small spatula tools
  • Small filbert brush to use for blending
  • Thick bamboo skewer or a lollipop stick
  • Foil
  • Paper tape, floral tape or masking tape

First off, make sure that the clay you are working with is a firm clay and not a mushy type because it will be harder to sculpt with and the firmer clay also doesn't pick up as much dirt while you are sculpting.

Take the bamboo skewer or lollipop stick and take some foil and make the foil into a ball and put it on the end of the stick. You will be making a skull shape that is more rounded at the back with flat sides and a tapered front. This foil skull should be around 2/3 the size of the finished fairy doll head that you will be sculpting.

Take the tape and wrap it around the foil skull, this will give the clay something it can stick to, make sure to go down the neck in order to secure the head onto your stick.

Now you will make a dent into the face about half way between the top and the bottom of the head. You can use tool handles to do this step and lay the tool across the face and press in on it. Make sure the dent is rather deep around 1/8 of the depth of the entire face.

Take some clay and make a pancake of it and cover your head beginning at the front. Make sure all of the air bubbles are out. Any air bubbles that are trapped will wiggle around and make it it harder to sculpt and often if left in the clay they will expand during baking and break the clay.

Now make another clay pancake for the back of the head and make sure that is smooth all over. Once you have done this take the blade of your craft knife and divide the fairy doll face up. Begin with drawing a line across that horizontal dent in the front from left to right. This indicates the line of the eyes, it should be halfway between the top of the doll head and the chin. Vertically make a line that divides the face in half. Put small vertical lines to note center of each eye, then a horizontal line where the nose goes and one for where the mouth will go.

Next make a thick pancake of the clay and it will fit between the chin and the mouth lines and place it there. Blend it in slightly to the left, right and down but don't go up toward the nose area. Now make an oval clay piece and put that above the last piece of play you placed on the face. You will blend this piece left, right and up but not down for this piece.

Now you should see a gash where you did not blend the two pancake pieces together. This is what will become the mouth. You will need to make a round dent under the bottom lip to give it some shape and fullness. You will need to press up at an angle for the top lip giving it a shape like Cupid's bow. Use a spatula tool to help you with the top lip and use any round tool handle for your bottom lip. The next thing to do is to draw the philtrum with a ball stylus. Put a small ball of clay on the center of the face. This will be your nose. You will need to smooth the nose out in all four directions away from the center of the face making sure it is steepest at the sides and the top.

Take a round tool, a large ball stylus is good or even the end of your little finger to indent where the eye sockets need to be. Make sure you allow for a mound between the sockets for the bridge of the nose is suppose to be. Smooth out the edges that are around the eye sockets so you have a very gentle indentation and not a large pit for eyes.

Now add a very small ball of clay to the end of your nose and smooth it into the doll face and then use a stylus and draw in the wings of the nose and then lightly press in the nostrils. Using the stylus again, make a tiny dent for each corner of the mouth. Be gentle with the nose and mouth corners.

Once you have done all of this and before going any further make sure to check the profile of your doll head and check how the nose looks to see if you need to adjust the nose in any way. Also check the chin to see if it's too long or too short. This is when you should make any adjustments.

Take a needle tool or small ball stylus and use it to make four points to mark the outside and inside corners of each eye. Then use the same tool to connect all the points with lines. Make sure left matches right, take your time and don't worry about being perfect your first time.

Next you will need to draw a line that goes over the top of the doll head from ear to ear. This is going to help you line up the ears. You may also want to draw two lines that go across the back of the head that are even with the mouth and the corner of the eyes to help you line up your ears. Now roll up a little sausage of clay and put it on one side of the head. Blend the little piece of clay into the head toward the doll face. Take a ball stylus to make swirls and cavities inside of the ear. You will then do the same thing with the other side of the head.

The final thing you will do is smooth out the whole head making sure there are no fingerprints or tool marks left on the fairy doll head and then bake it. Once baked the finishing touches with color and hair is all up to you and your imagination.

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Top RC (remote control) Cars of 2014

For those who are into rc (remote control) cars, there is no doubt that you already have your ideas on what are the best ones on the market for today. However, there are still a lot of people out there that may just be starting off in the world of rc (remote control) cars and this is why this list has been compiled in order to help the beginner find a good car for themselves or as a gift for someone else.

Considered one of the best rc (remote control) cars would be the Rustler XL-5,which is actually a truck, but this one is for someone who is serious about getting started because the price is pretty steep at $249.49 in most places. This one has speed, agility and is very durable which are some of the most important aspects that you want to consider when looking for a good rc car. This one in fact excels in all three of these important categories. This car can reach speeds up to 35 mph and has an intense suspension power, very tough tires and has a good waterproof body. This is designed for people 15 and up and not for young children.

The most expensive one that hits the top of the list at $329.99 is the Earthquake 8E, this is another great truck. This one is great for both the racetrack, the desert or even the backwoods. It can handle all of these terrains. It has four wheel drive and the body is robust and designed to handle rocks, dirt, sand and many other obstacles. The off-roading of these rc (remote control) cars is quite exhilarating because you can pretty much take these models anywhere you want. It has oversized tires and some pretty good speed.

If you are looking for a truck that isn't going to break the bank but still gives you power and excitement then you might want to check out The Tremor ST Truck which gives you both power and excitement and at a much lower price of $99.95. This truck can speed around as fast as any regular car on your neighborhood street. Trucks are usually a little harder to drive than the tiny toy cars, but this one is great for ages 14 and up. It is quite effortless to handle once you get use to the controller. Also, there is no assembly required like some other models.

If you are looking for something that is great at off-roading then this one is a great pick because it was made just for hard terrains with its four wheel drive it can handle sand, gravel and rocks. However, it cannot not go over plants, grass or other vegetation very well so you might want to avoid those situations with this particular truck.

If you are looking for a car that is specifically for racing then you don't need to look any further than the Brian Deegan Ford Fiesta RC car. This is a life like adaptation of those great rally cars. It is wonderful for ages 14 and up and costs just $99.99. The car is very entertaining and can navigate on a variety of different landscapes and the controls are very easy to use. Even though the car is designed for both off-road and on-road use it really is meant for racing big time. It does the best on flat surfaces like parking lots, areas of packed gravel or dirt and those areas with gradual slopes and even the backyard. Because of its four wheel drive, even with the tires being small it still has great traction. It drives in reverse and has great brake controls with wonderful suspension that gives the person controlling it a very realistic driving experience.

Looking for something different and classy? The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG could fit that bill. Most rc cars have controllers and joysticks, but what makes this car different is that it uses an app on your iPhone to control the car. You can turn it right, left, go forward or go in reverse and even control the doors and different sounds all from the Apple device. This really life like car even has a horn that beeps, speakers and gives you a very realistic driving experience. You can buy this interesting and authentic looking vehicle for $129.99 considering how interesting it is to control that even allows you to play your iTunes music through the speakers of the car itself. You will need to have an iPhone with 3GS, 4, 4S or 5) in order to own this vehicle and enjoy all of its features.

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An Inflatable Ball is Great for Kids of All Ages

No matter what the size or what the use is for an inflatable ball can be a wonderful for all kids to play with. There are a huge variety of different kinds of inflatable balls that are available from balls for the pool to balls that are great for playing with in the yard.

The S and S Worldwide 48” Beach Ball is a great one to keep kids of all ages occupied when they are in the pool or if they are out of the water. It is great for group play and great fun for a variety of fun group games. It is safe for dodge ball and even indoor games where there is plenty of room. This actually comes 12 to a package so you can have as many of them as you like blown up depending upon how many kids you have over playing.

Then there is the 20 Balls Inflatable Bounce Large Crawl Pit Kids Play House for all those younger kids who live Disney characters and love bouncing around in a pool of inflatable balls or soft flex balls. This is a delightful inflatable play house that has see through windows, a ball toss roof and there is an interactive side play panel for extra fun. This is ideal for both indoors or outdoors.

A great inflatable ball is the Discovery Kids Inflatable Sprinkler Ball. This ball when inflated is three feet high and it attaches to your garden hose and becomes a giant sprinkler that kids of all ages can run around splashing and having a great time on a hot summers day. It offers beach ball fun with great water play right in your own backyard. There are four big water pouts that spew out water and it works with any garden hose.

The Pool Ball Wet Set Darts Game Water Swimming Fun Games Floating Toy Inflatable Kids Beach Play Float Swim Splash is a great pool dart game that is an inflatable floating Velcro dart board. It includes six balls with Velcro strips that will allow the balls to stick to the dart board. This is a great inflatable pool game that kids and even adults can enjoy together.

Pool Volleyball Game Water Set Swim Fun Float Toy Inflatable Kids Beach Play is a nice little inflatable volleyball game that includes an inflatable ball to play some great volleyball games in the backyard pool. Great fun for both kids and adults who love to play volleyball.

Another great pool toy that is a raft that includes an inflatable ball in the middle is the Pool Rocker inflatable Raft Water Lake Bach Fun Play Sea Sun Float Kids Toy. This great little raft has a ball in the middle which offers them a variety of different challenges while playing with it in the pool. It allows the kids to rock, spin, tilt and climb it. It also has eight different handles for the kids to hold onto. This inflatable is best for kids 6 to 12 years of age.

If your kids love to play soccer then they will love to have their own inflatable soccer ball and goal. This can be set up anywhere you like and is a great thing for kids who want to practice their kicking skills or just to have a little bit of fun in the backyard with their friends. Even adults may enjoy this Inflatable Soccer Goal and Ball set.

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Party Decorating Ideas Using Birthday Balloons

Birthdays come once a year and each person should be able to celebrate it in style each time. This can easily be done by using birthday balloons. Many may think it's difficult to make great decorations from birthday balloons, however it really isn't as hard as one might think. Balloons can often be one of the best ways to add a lot of color to a birthday party.

You can go to any party store and find a variety of different kinds of birthday balloon and in a huge variety of different colors. You can fill them with regular air or with helium. When using helium one good tip is to wait until just before the party to fill with helium, this way they will float longer and keep their shape for a lot longer during the party.

There are two main types of balloons that can be use. There are latex which are very flexible and can be molded easily into different shapes according to what a person wants. The Mylar foil balloons are more expensive and are coated with silver. Depending up the look you are trying to achieve will help you make the decision on what kind of balloons you are going to want to use.

Birthday balloons can be used to make colorful balloon bouquets. These bouquets can be a combination of both latex and Mylar balloons in order to add more character. You can combine the two and different colors that match the party color theme. These can be put all over the party area or you can make one huge one to use as the party focal point.

For a kids party you can make animal balloons by making faces on the balloons making them look like a variety of different animals. You can add ears by cutting them out of vellum paper so they will stand up and use markers to draw the faces.

You can make a great balloon arch for a great entrance to the party by making the arch with helium filled balloons. Just inflate them and tie them on a nylon cord putting them about eight inches apart. When the cord is covered with around 18 feet of party balloons you should then tie a balloon that is filled with sand to each end of the arch and then put the arch where you want the entrance to be.

Make some glitter balloons to add a little sparkle to any birthday party. Take a tablespoon of glitter in clear latex balloons by using a funnel before you inflate it. Then use helium or an air pump to inflate the balloon.

Like arches, you can use balloons to make colorful columns to create a dramatic look to any party or event. You can piece together same color balloons put on a cord that will rise up when balloons are filled with helium. Or you can make them spiral and use a variety of different colors to decorate a grand entrance area.

Balloon clothing can be made with tiny balloons that can be worn over the top of any regular close. You can make bracelets, hairpieces and hats from balloons as well. It just takes a bit of imagination.

You can also make replicas of hot air balloons with small helium balloons. They can be used as decorations or use them to carry birthday gifts in the balloon basket or put little stuffed animals in the baskets to add a whimsical touch to any party.

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How to Use a Helium Party Balloon for Party Games

Everyone likes balloons at a party they can serve a variety of different purposes but most people don't realize that you can take a helium party balloon and use it for more than just show. In fact there are a variety of different party games that you can use them for.

One game that you can do by using a helium party balloon as the center of the game is the game Twister. If you have one of these games you can get rid of the spinner and use helium balloons instead of the spinner. Take paper and write left foot, left hand, right foot and right hand and put these inside of a yellow, red, blue and green helium party balloon. This will take place of the spinner. Fill them with helium and add ribbon to each balloon. If playing the game outside put weights on the ribbon. The person who is the spinner is now the balloon popper. So when they pop the red balloon for example and it says right hand, then they would say right hand red.

Another way to use a helium party balloon is by playing a game called Helium Reverse Volleyball. All you need for this game is a nice long piece of ribbon, rope or a net, a helium party balloon that is filled with helium and two teams of players.

Take the ribbon, rope or net and tie it between tow objects that are stationary making sure that it is about waist high to the players. Next you will divide the teams up evenly and have each team stand on each side of the ribbon, rope or net. Instead of batting the helium party balloon over the makeshift net they have to bat it under the net instead. A point is scored when the balloon hits the ceiling on the side of the opposing team. It's probably a good idea to have a piece of ribbon attached to the balloon in order to retrieve it after a point has been scored.

A fun game for kids that can utilize a helium party balloon is called Ready, Aim, Fire. This is for an outdoor party. Make a horizontal line on the ground. Next take a 3 foot ribbon and tie it to a balloon filled with helium. Put the balloon around 2 feet in front of the line on the ground. Do the exact same thing with the other side of the line on the ground. Divide children up into two different teams and give them water guns. At your signal have all the children start firing at their balloon and the team who is first to put their balloon over the line on the ground are the winners. You can also use cans of silly string for the game if you don't want to use water guns.

Another game that can be fun for a kids party is Sink the Balloon. You will need as many helium filled balloons as there are kids to play the game. Fill the balloons with helium and attach weights and ribbons to the balloons so they won't float off. Next give each child who is playing a can of silly string.

The object of this game is to cover the balloon until it finally sinks down to the ground from the weight of the silly string. The winner is the first child who gets their balloon to sink to the ground.

A good indoor game using a helium balloon is Backwards Basketball. You will need two hoops at opposite ends of a room you want to play the game in. One team gets the helium balloon first and have to try and dribble the balloon on the ground, if they don't dribble well and the balloon floats to the ceiling the other team gets the balloon. The object of the game is to try and dribble to the hoop and try to push or shoot the balloon under the hoop so it will float through the bottom of the hoop. Make sure there is a ribbon tied to the balloon so you can get it when it does float to the ceiling.

Hot Potato is another good game you can use a helium party balloon for. Have kids sit in a circle and then give one of them a helium filled balloon with a ribbon tied on it. Play music and tell them to pass the balloon to the person on their right and keep doing this until the music stops. Whoever is stuck holding the balloon when the music is stopped is out of the game. The main rule is that they can't use the ribbon to pass the balloon to the next person, this way the game will be a little more challenging.

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